Many of these are still in conceptual stages, or very early in the writing process. Many of them, may not ever make it passed these stages, but I wanted to make sure that they were listed here anyway. I tend to adapt old things that never worked into new things that might. This page is mainly going to be dedicated to Beyond Mason Square, which is the novel I'm currently focused on, and have been for quite some time.

.Beyond Mason Square.

Genre: I have no idea how to classify this, Paranormal, if that's a genre.

Concept: This book is the main one I am working on, and is the only one that is almost completely fleshed out. So, I won't give too much away, since this is the one, if any, that could likely get published at least in some limited way. However, for a basic description...

Maggie McFarland is a very skeptical and cynical Paranormal Investigator. She follows main stream investigation techniques, but puts little stock in things like orbs or cold spots. She wants to find a fully manifested ghost that she can see up close and personal. What she doesn't know yet, is that there are more to ghosts than anyone ever thought. The book will take the reader in and out of haunted houses and pubs, through back allies and historic districts of all the oldest cities in the United States; to a vampire's ball, a prince's feast, and across the moors to a Scottish castle.

The book is written in first person from Maggie's viewpoint. It is very conversational as Maggie directly speaks to the readers on some occasions.

Characters: Maggie McFarland, Tater, Dow, Valmire

Want to read a small sample sneak peek? Click here.

Updates on Progress: Progress is slow on this at the moments because I have many other things taking up my focus. I am hoping to get back to this soon. The first two chapters are completed, and the next 5 to 6 are outlined.

Story Origin: 2004. This story had an origin in a creative writing exercise I did. Much has changed from the origin, but the concept came from it. To read the exercise, click here.

.After Atlantis.

Genre: Sci-fi

Description: The original idea of this was set very far out into the future. Earth has been mostly abandoned and humans have moved off to populate other areas of space. Anything left on Earth are mainly scientists doing archeology digs and things to find past civilizations. Atlantis was discovered more than a hundred years prior to the setting of the book. Scrolls were found in the dig site describing how to make a machine called the "Alpha Project". The translation of these scrolls made scientists of the time believe that they depicted information on the beginnings of the universe. And that by building this machine, every question would be answered by it. With the project at a go, the machine built, and the last wire in place, the scientists hit the button... the planet they'd chosen to build the machine on instantly ripped apart as a massive black hole erupted, taking into it, the entire rest of the solar system the planet was in as well as everything in a couple of the surrounding sectors. The project was scraped, the times had changed, and though not totally forgotten, the Atlantis Scrolls were sealed away. However, a hundred and twenty-four years later, the seals would be removed, and the scrolls would again find their way into the hands of a scientist, but Dr. Megami Akydo found the subtleties in the scrolls that no one before had noticed, and a new plan for the Alpha Project...

Character Concepts: I have to find my notebook for all of these.

Alien Race Concepts: More notebook information.

Story Origin: 2000. I am still not sure what I am going to do about this particular idea. About 60 pages of it are written, but written back in 2000, so I have improved since then as a writer, and I know I would need to rewrite the entire thing to be happy. So, as for now, this is on the back burner.

.The Dead Kingdom.

Genre: Fantasy

Description: This particular story has gone through several evolutions since it's origination in 2001. I'm not sure if this one will ever truly come out of the idea stage. But, the basics... It's a human world, but only because 10,000 years prior The Wars of the Dead swept through the lands in the north kingdom where the magical creatures lay. Only one survivor of the High Elven capital of Marifo was able to escape and give warning to its sister city. A handful of elves fled south to a magical wood they named Oddess, and they concealed themselves within it to hide from the brutality of mankind. But after 10,000 years, the time has come for the forests of Oddess and the Elves the resided in it to open the doors to now join along side the humans to fight the demons of the old world.

.Hunted Shadows.

Genre: Vampire

Description: Another one that started with an unclear idea, and never really got off the ground. Again this originated in 2001. The original story concept I think will likely be scraped if I ever go back to this one at all. However, some of the descriptive writing and the settings for this story I will likely reuse somewhere.

Sneak Peek of the descriptions in the beginning of this story.