.:Ancient Kingdoms:.


Against a moonless night
Stands a woman of light
Long dark hair lifts in the wind
Unknown journeys waiting to begin

A light tap at a door to the past
Ancient magic unsealed at last
Only she can open the forgotten door
And release secrets of Magic's lore

Arctic eyes look upon deep green
And both shades gaze upon lands unseen
For now the kingdom of magic and light
Has the strength to stand and fight

It will rise up with a child in hand
To show the world that ancient lands
Can be forgotten but will never die
Because even long lost sons can learn to fly

Two kingdoms that exist in one
Two children standing in a new born sun
Both reliving their ancient past
Both finding that they're the last

Now together they must learn
How to make a new world turn
Through love and justice they must reach
To pass on peace, and love to teach

Kingdoms that shine with green and light
Rise up from ashes of ancient might
To stand tall as one holy gem
With the Light as petals, and Eryn, the stem.