.:Death by Lust:.


The blinding darkness
Shrouds the glinting eyes
The cold sparkling
The icy fire
The widening of darkness
As bright color recedes
It glitters like a blade
A dagger in the light of the moon
Like a panther
Hidden in the eyes
Hidden in a whisper
Hidden in a touch
Until it blooms
A soft glance
An innocent smile
The slight curve of a breast
The rounding hips
Long silken legs
Desire breeds lust
And both grow
A quick intake of breath
A kiss
A touch
When she pulls away
When her eyes fall
When her glance is gone
Desire breeds lust
Turning to anger
But there is always
A strong hand
An angry word
Pearls drop and scatter
As they are ripped away
Lights flash
Rooms spin
Anger, Fury, Lust
Fear glinting
Looking away from lust
But consumed
Soon wrapped up
Completely in pain
Fear and pain
From lust and desire
Rooms slow
Lights become steady
Lust and desire are gone
Vanishing like the scattered pearls
Only pain remains
A tearful glance
A frightened sigh
The breasts and hips
Hidden beneath a sheet
Long legs curled
Running away
From pain
From pearls
From lust
From fear
Running and dying
In the aftermath of lust