.:Death of a Muse:.


It is dark and raining
The world is constantly complaining
Always blaming
Always claiming
Forever staining
And I can be no longer feigning
That I am strong
That I belong
Because it’s wrong
So, so long,
“Go to hell”
Is what I want to scream
To be obscene
To find the extreme
So I’ll be seen
So I’ll be heard
Because I’ve been butchered
I’ve been Murdered
And it’s absurd
To those tortured
To those withered
To say “someday”
Because there is no day
No way
No stay
Of the execution that waits
It inundates
And penetrates
The soul
That troll
That lies within
Has been
And has breached
Has leached
Has screeched
It’s hideous wrath
And is on a path
To destroy
And enjoy
The devastation of my muse
And to lose, construes
My direction
My notion
My ocean
Of creativity
That’s now empty
Except for tears
Because my fears
Are realized