.:Fire in the Darkness:.


In the vast expanse of darkness
Ringed in heaven’s light
I watch the flames
Jump and leap like castle towers
And glowing
And I gaze
Watching, longing, reaching
For that blaze which is always
Always just out of reach
It is the key
The golden coated,
Jewel encrusted freedom
The same that is closed in that silver locket
The magic of fire and light
The magic to set me free
To leave the darkness forever
To walk through the flames
So that I turn
And I gaze
And watch and long and reach
Back for that blaze which has always
Always just been out of reach
But protected me
And now, though free, I still gaze
For I see myself through the castle wall of fire
I see the sad loneliness
The broken locket
The building fire
And I realize
No matter how long I watch
How much I long
How far I reach
I am never free
Never free from the darkness
The protecting flames of darkness
And so I turn back to my ghost
My wide eyed innocence that remained
Locked inside the candle of dark
And I sit and turn
From those leaping castle towers
So that I no longer gaze
No longer watch or long or reach
For that blaze which will always
Always be within reach
But is never
Never to be touched