Within a mind there is but darkness
Long Halls of things forgotten
Locked doors to things secret
And hidden passages to things forbidden
Tunnels of memories laiden in tears
In laughter
In Pain
In fear
And in smiles
But how much in the darkness is real?
How many of the images are true?
Where does memory end and fantasy begin
Within those halls
Behind those doors
Hidden in the dark
Can we replace what is there?
Can others?
Is it possible for new doors to be added?
Ones that are lies
Lies so shrouded that they become real
Become memory
What becomes of us then?
What happens when doors are sealed?
So as not to exist
Where do we go when everything is false?
Every thought
Every memory
Every pain
The laughter, never true
And the tears, never real
Where do we go?
The answer...
Lies within the dark
The truth, behind the most secret door
The answer...
Is in the tears of a lonesome child
The truth, in his eyes and on his lips
But who will comfort him?
Who will wipe his tears and hold him close?
What hand will soothe the trembling?
The answer...
Is one simple spoken word
With the power to open doors
Walk through the darkness
Find the secrets, real and unreal
And the strength to heal them both
That word...
I will brave the darkness
I will open doors
I will soothe and comfort
and I will be the one to love
Without questions and through pain
It will be me that sits along in the dark
With him
And it will be me that is at his side
When all the doors fall open
Revealing all
Revealing soul
And it will show him what he's been looking for
Secretly wishing for
It will show...