.:Only for Me:.


When does the dawn of morning turn to love
When do yellow rays turn streets to golden
When does morning mist lift to reveal treasures
And when
When will my sunrise come?

When does the warmth of afternoon embrace
When do the clouds smile down their love
When does the blue sky hold out its soft hand
And when
When will my day come?

When does the chill of evening not cool
When do the colors of sunset caress
When does the first star shine just for me
And when
When will my sunset come?

When does the night call only for me
When do the darkest fingers play only on my skin
When does the deepest shadows reach out in love
And when
When will my night come?

How many years must I wait?
When will the sun rise,
the afternoon warm,
the evening embrace,
and the night love?
How will I endure until it is time?

I have tired of enduring
Tired of watching that beautiful sunrise
Of running through the rays of sunshine
Of wishing on the first evening star
And of waiting on the night

And so in the mornings I watch
But no longer jealously
In the afternoons I play
But no longer longingly
In the evenings dance in the sunset
But no longer wish on the stars
And in the night, I sleep and dream
No longer laying awake to wait

Because now
I'm going to make the morning
Take notice, love, and dawn
Only for me

I'm going to make the afternoon
Shine its golden rays and warm
Only for me

I'm going to make the evening
Paint its colors and twinkle it stars
Only for me

And I'm going to make the night
Move its fingers, caress with its shadows, and think...
Only for me.