.:The Cathedral:.


A spire pierces the gray snow clouds
As tiny crystalline drops flutter from the sky
Ancient blackness misted in the falling snow
Like the stone of a forgotten dragon’s lair
A cathedral rising like a ghost from the past
Broken statues and shattered glass
A battleground for those long dead
And those condemned to die
An ancient shrine to ancient gods
Deities that died with the believers
Demons that perished too
An empty shell of memories
A belfry of unanswered prayers
And the whisperings of specters
The hymns of children lost
The Psalms of adults never found
And the songs of praise that never lifted
Never found the sky
Never saw the stars
Because the towers stood to hold them
Wrapped icy fingers around the wants and dreams
The everyday musings of the parishioners
Centuries of thoughts dust the turrets of the cathedral
Centuries of tears wash over the shingles that now fall
Fall through broken stained glass
Fall as everything falls
Wind and Snow hide the darkness
Hide the fear
Hide the broken walls
Hide the restlessness of the past
Hide the death and broken promises
Because those ancient gods never lived
Those ancient people never died
And those ancient words were never whispered.